“We believe that you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversations.”- Plato

This belief sprouts a realization that, we ought to be kind to everyone we meet, because everyone is fighting a hard battle. Hence understanding each other will generate sensitivity, acceptance and courage. Actions, especially GOOD actions, give strength to others and ourselves and simultaneously, creates good actions in others. The ripple effect can create a better society. 


The MoveVent Project is Shubham Srivastav and Damini Sahay’s combined effort to create safe spaces in the society for healing through the medium of Dance Movement and Arts Based Therapies. DMT and ABT are psychotherapeutic tools for cognitive, emotional, physical, social changes through dance, movement, and allied arts.


“Our philosophy is simple: movement never lies, yet determines a lot of who we are, what we want and do. In our work, we create mirrors for you through a seemingly light hearted play, yet the take away is enormous self-reflection and that the solution always lies with YOU.”


The Project offers one-on-one as well as group therapy sessions for children, adults, children and adults with special needs, homemakers, corporate officials, artists, teachers, senior citizens, or anyone looking for a channel to ‘let-go’, remove life’s hurdles and enhance perception, creativity, well being, potential, the joy of living or is simply looking for an excuse to move, love and live.

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Our philosophy

Movement never lies, it can be an effective medium for understanding oneself, our surroundings and healing.


To offer safe-spaces for sharing, growing and healing and to create a world where there is acceptance and joy in reaching out for individual and community healing or therapy work.


To make The MoveVent Project a one-stop-destination for individual and community healing and therapy work through various modalities such as Dance Movement Therapy, Arts based Therapy and Psychological work.