What You Can Do

Feeling philanthropic? Could be a day you would like to spend with us or a week of your free time towards community work to anything under the sun! The MoveVent Project looks forward to having any of your valuable ideas or skills that you deem fit, such as: photography, videography, covering the events, data analysis, etc.

Internship work involves understanding what Dance Movement Therapy entails. DMT is experiential and getting hands on experience is most useful. If you are an existing DMT professional or are interested in the field, you can apply for our three month internship programme. At the end of the internship the intern earns a letter of recommendation. 


We would love to collaborate with you to conduct various sessions at schools, residential and corporate or any institutional setups.


The MoveVent Project actively conducts sessions for those who cannot monetarily contribute to their own self work due to financial limitations. That doesn't stop us from working for them. Feel free to join us in this cause. Donate so we can create a society with improved mental health.