Damini Sahay

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A clinical psychologist and a professional belly dancer/teacher, Damini brings her two rich experiences together to create change, women empowerment and enhancement of the 'self'. An intuitive therapist, Damini uses spiritual movement and various art forms for healing. She believes: "The process of self healing begins with faith and love." [Certified DMT Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, Dancer]

A social worker, Kathak dancer and a theatre artist, for Shubham the idea of healing begins with the art of giving. She is soulful and is a ball of positive energy. She gets you involved in her sessions and helps you discover the power of healing. [Certified DMT Practitioner, Dancer]

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Shubham Srivastav


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Researcher, thinker and our part time everything. 

Shivani handles our social media accounts and is our operations manager. 

Most of all she is our mile marker.

Shivani Bahukhandi

Our professional graphic designer, doing all the amazing design work for us, including our beautiful logo! For every issue his motto is "Main Hoon Na!"
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Swapnil Kumar

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The in-house stress buster. He is a comic relief and an awesome chaiwala. This nerdy I.T guy got our website up and running.

Sriram Nandula

The official photographer and the youngest member of our team. He loves to capture the moments and movements of The MoveVent.

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Narendra Kumar

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A Delhi based wedding planner, Saanvri can be defined in three simple words, Foodie, Jugaadu and Nautanki. Having benefited greatly from MoveVent Sessions, Saanvri now tries to bridge the demand-supply gap by connecting the team with potential audiences.

Saanvri Kapoor