The Infinity 

As humans and especially as women, there are certain body parts that we have silenced and Othered. Why? When did it begin to happen? What if they were to speak to us? What stories would they tell us now? The Infinity: Sexual Acceptance through Movement is a five day intensive workshop that aims at creating a safe space for women to reconnect with and ACCEPT these integral body parts, their sexuality, their balance between feminine and masculine energies and to help make new conversations with their bodies and beings, using the vocabulary and philosophy of belly dance. Belly dance has the power to teach women how to embody their sexuality, to overcome shame, and how to love, celebrate, and be proud of our bodies, resulting in emotional healing from traumas of sexual assault and repression. The workshop witnesses journeys of strong women, getting stronger, together. 

Ideal for: Women who want to expand who they are

Age: Post-pubertal women

Gender: Women

Conducted in: Delhi, Mumbai

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours * 5 days

Package price on request as per customization.

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