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The MoveVent Project

The MoveVent Project has been working with a diverse set of people around physical and mental healing and well-being through Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and Expressive Arts Therapy (EAT) since 2017. We have always believed that if you let people move deeper into their own selves, the profoundness helps people heal.  Our ways have been mostly around movement, games, silence, sharing, art, theatre, dance, music and other creative ways, which we have learned and explored in the past few years. Our core is to focus on the Self, love and community. We intend to always co-create spaces where each and every individual feels safe and heard, resulting in them feeling closer to their most honest and true Self.

DMT and EAT has been helpful to individuals in numerous ways, from helping participants ‘discover’ themselves to developing confidence. However, that is not all, DMT and EAT has been very successful and widely used to relieve stress, forming a positive body image, improving one’s relationship with their body. DMT and EAT has a unique effect on everybody, you never know what you might heal or find about yourself. The MoveVent Project aims to help you achieve your goals through DMT and EAT.



Shubham Srivastav is a trained Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) facilitator from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Expressive Arts Facilitator, Community Activist, Kathak Exponent, Theatre Artist and Mother of The MoveVent Project and Zanaan.

For her, the idea of healing begins with the simple art of giving. The wide range of people having benefited through the safe spaces she creates and the embodied inner work she facilitates includes IAS & IRS officers, school principals, teachers, counsellors, students and even inmates of the Central Jail in Udaipur. 

Soulful and a ball of positive energy, Shubham gets you involved in her sessions and helps you discover the power of healing.

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