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अहम् (Aham) is the manifestation of a lot of love, hope, and passion clubbed with strong conviction that celebrates the journey within. We bring the intention of asserting mental health as a critical need, irrespective of the circumstances, by using an amalgamation of handpicked alternative therapeutic approaches to begin a chain reaction of well-being and harmony.

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Day 1 Workshops

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Infinity: Acceptance of Sexuality through Movement

This one is open to all genders. We will be trying to build a relationship with our sexuality and embrace our feminine and masculine parts, let go of body judgements and build a relationship with the sexual energies we have taken in and wish to release from our body.  

Damini Sahay, a dance movement therapist and a bellydancer; she has been performing, studying and teaching the nuances of this rich and ancient practice of Oriental Dance for 9 years now. 

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Reclaim your Mind; Reclaim your Life

Feel the real freedom by helping yourself unlock the hidden potential within to handle external influences. Make conscious choices and reign in your focus through simple practices of self care.


Frederic, a facilitator, coach, mentor, writer, yogi, minimalist, philanthropist, social
entrepreneur, mystic, story healer, mechanic of the inner self & gardener of the soul 
and above all, a friend.

Day 2 Workshops

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Fascinating world of Dot Art

an introductory session to dot art which will get the participating exploring this art form that is my meditation.

Sharmila is a self-learner, unschooler, a parenting guide, mother of
three human children and four non human children and have chosen the ‘unschooling
way’ of life. She help parents in their parenting journey and guide them in their journey of
life without school.

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Aligning our Polarities: Juggling for Self Care

In this workshop we will learn about the importance of integrating the different sides of our brains/body, the vagus nerve and its impact on the central nervous system and related practices that we can use to overcome stress, depression and trauma and become happier, healthier and more confident. Juggling will be one of the practices that we will be exploring.

Daniel is an experienced facilitator. He has spent most of the last 10+ years in Asia, and
is now back in NY, re-integrating and exploring creative possibilities.

Day 3 Workshops

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Panel discussion with experts in the field of Sound, Movement, Art, Theatre and Mindfulness in understanding and getting insights into their experiences with Mental Health and using Art as a way of promoting Mental wellness.

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AhamSambandh: traversing outer Transitions through inner Translations – from interpretation to invitation

Transitions are a fact of life – some initiated by us, and most experienced by us. The current context invites us to rapid transitions. In this introductory session, we explore an emergent approach to transitions by exploring newer translations of outer events for our inner Selves, and thereby move from interpretation (of event) to invitation (to life and living).

Divya Sankaran Ashish Pant are individuals and dreamers who’ve charted their
path in quest of their own Self. Through somatic and process oriented psychotherapy, Jungian oriented DreamWork, embodied coaching, counselling and consulting,

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Let's be playful to be Mindful

This workshop will introduce you to tools of Interplay to connect with the wisdom of our bodies and access the innate joy in ourselves. Except stories, movement, sounds and stillness. It's going to be fun, playful, light and interactive. There is no right way to do Interplay. So the magic happens when you play. Join us :)

Vibhuti is an Interplay leader, Clown and a facilitator who is exploring herself constantly
through art and learning. Ecology and consciousness are the themes making her alive

Day 4 Workshops

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Meditative Art

The workshop is all about how do we understand and learn through art about our past experiences on certain behaviors of us which have conditioned us and how we unlearn some of those learnings which are no more relevant to our life but we keep it with fear. The two art forms that we will explore and use as the technique is stone art and Zentangle based on the availability of resources.

Damko Wangyal, is a gifted artist especially interested in
Zentangle and stone-art, has a love for music, and enjoys entertaining others.

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Simple tools and practices using sound, rhythm and voice to enable catharsis, focus, immersion, motivation, community building and relaxation for overall well-being

Leslie, Singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist on a journey with Nature,
Community and Self.

Mayuree, loves exploring, co-creating and facilitating processes and
spaces for well-being connecting with the earth, community and self.

Nishtha, loves designing processes and spaces for well-being and learning.She is currently exploring music, movement, art, creative writing, theatreand story-telling.

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Exploring your inner landscape through the arts

A space to experience checking in with yourself with the help of arts - will draw upon visualisation, coloring, movement and writing as tools to explore our inner landscapes. 

Megha Modi is an Expressive Arts Practitioner and a co-traveller for inner journeys.

Day 5 Workshops

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Dance the change you want to be in the World

Movement Medicine for people who have been holding space, who are well aware of their emotions, mind, body, heart and soul, to reconnect with your inner resources, align body heart and mind,  and set clear intentions for the future.

Silvana is a Movement Medicine teacher and cycle mentor from Italy, TEDx speaker and the co-founder of the Ulab Hub, Pordenone

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Mindfulness and Self Kindness: Befriending Ourselves

In this workshop we will:

-  have an experiential exploration of Mindfulness?

-  have a capacity for an inner sensing of the body

- examine the relationship with ourselves and come into a kinder relationship

- have tools to befriend ourselves and come into resilience even in the face of challenge

Sandy Dias Andrade, Founder-Director at Just Being Center, Pune. Psychotherapist in Mindfulness & Presence. Internationally certified in MBCT.

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 Inside Out

Understanding feelings, emotions, those are Inside us. Managing and Living those feelings Outside with the help of applied theatre tools.

Lini Kapse,  an MBA professional. She is a certified Trainer, Applied
Theatre practitioner and Playback Theatre practitioner.


 Holding Hope

Hold it  too slack,  it drops. Hold too tight it is smothered.

Through games and improvisations, stories  and sharings we discover within us the balance.

Jaya likes to imagine herself is as a pilgrim on this planet. Pilgrimage to her is about travelling light, engaging with respect, celebrating diversity, pushing self with compassion, letting go joyously and embracing the unknown willingly.

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The Team

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